Choosing the right contractor for electrical maintenance

If you have a residential or commercial electrical project, it’s important to select the right electrical contractor for the job. If careful consideration is not taken, the project could possibly turn into more headache and expense than initially planned. Choosing the cheapest quote could possibly result in inappropriate and low-quality materials being utilised and safety standards not being adhered to as per the electrical legislation for the state that you reside in.

There are many factors to take into consideration when selecting the right contractor for the job:

Is the electrician licensed and registered as an electrical contractor?

An electrical licence is required by state law to do any electrical wiring work. NSW is regulated by NSW Fair Trading and ACT is regulated by the Construction Occupations (Licensing) Act 2004. A license is required for installing, repairing, altering, removing or adding to an electrical installation or the supervising of that work.

Will the electrician be able to provide you with a Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work (CCEW)?

Under the Gas and Electricity (Consumer Safety) Act 2017 and Gas and Electricity (Consumer Safety) Regulation 2018. A completed CCEW must be submitted within seven days of completing any safety and compliance test, on an electrical installation.

How reliable and trustworthy is the electrician?

You can evaluate the reputation of an organisation through the customer reviews section posted on the organisation’s Google Business Account. You could also ask for recommendations from your network. Often small businesses rely on word of mouth and therefore will provide more attention to detail to sustain a good reputation within the community.

Get several quotes for the project

Compare a few quotes, not all electricians will charge the same amount for the same work, but they should be reasonably similar.

What area do they specialise in?

Review past projects completed, select an electrical contractor that has an abundance of experience in the area that your job requires. Provide specific details of your project, along with any budget or time restraints. Being open and honest will ensure there are no cut corners to bring the price down or rushing of the job to get it completed quicker due to time restrictions.

Do they present as professional and an established business?

You may also like to review their website and social media to gain a better understanding of their ethics and business values.

Choosing the right contractor for the job may take a little extra time to find but will result in getting the job done right the first time. The longevity of the work will last longer and hopefully you won’t need to deal with any problems or failures in the near future.

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